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Welcome to Boss Air Services. Our mission is to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction on finding the best private jet for the best price. Please take a moment to browse our website.



The flexibility of private jet charter - one flight at a time. No long-term commitment beyond the flight period. pay as you fly. 


Your safety is our highest priority. Quality Management System far exceeds FAA requirements and industry standards


We strive to deliver the highest standards of service and value for every private jet rental that we coordinate. To achieve this, we do things a little bit differently than our competitors.

Since we started, we have become masters of our craft. We never stop improving, and will continue to expand our services to the world. Contact us today and let us welcome you aboard.




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Our jet charter agents are available 24/7 to provide you with multiple private jet quotes for your on-demand air charter flight

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Empty Legs are the best value option to fly Boss Air. They are pre-defined departures and destinations, perfect for short notice leisure trips

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Boss Air Services provides a free Charter consultation. Our experienced agents will answer all the questions you have for them to make sure you are well informed of any air charter process

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Boss Air Services, LLC. Serves As A True Middleman For Air Charter Services Between Air Carriers And Clients. All Aircraft And Air Carriers Selected By Boss Air Services Are Certified By The Federal Aviation Administration And The U.S. Department Of Transportation Under Part 135 Regulations. Carriers Are -Solely Responsible For The Air Transportation Arranged On Behalf Of Boss Air Services Clients. Boss Air Services Does Not Own Or Operate Any Aircraft. Boss Air Services Is Not A Direct Or Indirect Air Carrier. All Flights Chartered Through Boss Air Services Are Operated By Part 135 Air Carriers. Boss Air Services Does Not Carry Additional Liability Insurance. Passengers Are Covered By Aircraft Operator Insurance.